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Welcome to Sweet Darkness, the TAFL approved fanlisting to Maaka Anju, from Karin (also known as Chibi Vampire) anime and manga series.

If you like this character, please feel free to join, but don't forget to read the rules before doing so.

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Natsuko Kuroigawa, 25th April 2009

Finally it's here!! I've been promising a new layout for this site for a long while, but never got myself to do it until now.

It took me a couple of hours to finish this design, and even if it's kind of simple, I still like it better than the previous layout.

Hope you like it better now too~! <3

Aside from the brand new design for the fanlisting, more updates has been made.

First of all, 11 new 50x50 codes have been added to the gallery.
The new codes are nicer than the old ones, or at least, that's my opinion. So I decided to put them above the others, so the new ones will be displayed first. ^^
Of course the old codes are still there, so you can take this if you happen to like them better... ;)

And to get done with today updates, let me tell you we got a new affiliate!
I also removed some old affies which were no longer working.

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