Fanfiction Recommendation

Here you will find links to some Kisame and Itachi fanfiction which I loved, and so I thought any KisaIta fan out there should not miss any of these wonderful pieces.

All of the stories listed here are complete, most of them being one-shots (although longer pieces will be added eventually).

Unless otherwise stated, all of these stories involve romance between Itachi and Kisame. So yaoi haters, beware! :P
The reason for this is that I rarely read any fanfiction which hasn't romance in it: I'm such a love freak, indeed... <3

Now, if you have come across with a very good fanfiction featuring both Kisame and Itachi (whether it has some romance or not), feel free to drop me a line.
I'll sure love to check out new KisaIta fanfiction and, if I like it enough, the piece you suggested might appear in this section soon enough... ;)
Keep in mind that I'll list only completed pieces. I'll accept any multi-chapter stories, as long as they're complete.

With all of that said, now you're free to keep moving down and enjoy these amazing fanfiction~! <3

Additional information, such as summaries and reviews on this pieces will be coming shortly! :D

KisaIta fanfiction ~ One-Shots

@ In the Morning ~ By sweetlittlecherry
@ First Kisses ~ By sasodeioctembuary